Google Analytics Intelligence - Intelligically Intelligent analysis! by Stuti Sabharwal

Monday, November 23, 2009

As we all are aware that Google analytics has always shown a good position among all analysis tools. It has been improving everyday and recently launched its new feature which is known as Google Analytics Intelligence. It is one of the most advance feature till now. Google Analytics has tried to provide more detailed info on traffic through this feature.Webmasters can track more traffic data with Intelligence Engine on daily, weekly or monthly parameters.

The Google Analytics Intelligence Engine provides custom and autmatic alerts that will show you where your site is growing or decreasing. Through custom you can set your alerts for your traffic patterns. These custom alerts can be modified anytime through dashboard while automatic alerts are set by Google Analytics and cannot be modified. While you are setting up these alerts Google Analytic will show you option to mail these alerts so like before you can get these alerts in your mail also.

How to set up custom alerts?

Setting up custom alert is very easy. Login to your Google Analytics account and from the left meny click on Intelligence (Beta) where you will see 'Create a custom alert' link. From there you can set the custom alerts. These alerts can be seen for any of the above timeframes (Daily, Weekly, Monthly).

The reports generated through these alerts are very thorough I.e. if your visits are decrasing then Intelligence will show you what are the factors of this decreament. If your visits have dropped on a certain keyword then it will show a red bullet with that keyword. If your visits have decreased in a particular city then it will mark the city name and the percentage of dropping numbers.

The most attractive feature of Google Analytics Intelligence is that you can share this report with others also by selecting their profile while setting up the alerts.

So we can see that Google Analytics is becoming more n more advanced in web analysis and reporting. It is indeed good for webmasters who cannot afford expensive web analysis software.


Mass PPV Traffic, forget Social Media Marketing! by ben huebner

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Are you sick and tired of wasting your time on social media sites getting nowhere, begging prospects and even ruining your reputation in the process?

If you are an internet marketing pro and you keep up with all the latest news you will know that two of the biggest gurus in the industry Frank Kern and Perry Belcher have recently left social media systems.

While it did work for them for a short while, smart marketers know the opportunity costs involved in wasting your time twittering, Facebooking and whatnot.

While these sites are great for building your brand name in your market. It takes time to build a brand across 300 social media sites. You also need a hefty budget to promote yourself and position yourself in these communities.

Do you have the time to manage 300 social media sites?

If you're serious marketer then you know what your time is worth. Sitting on Facebook and making friends with untargeted traffic and prospects that will never come to your website anyway is a waste of time. We all know these websites are made for time wasters, people are not in a buying mode, neither do they want to subscribe to your list.

If you become aggressive on these social media sites then you could be banned, worse get a reputation as a spammer.

People like Lily Allen who started off on MySpace, Face book and twitter that made them famous, have recently left these media sites branding them a waste of time. There is a thing or two we can learn from that.

Guys the reason we created mass PPV, is because of the insane amount of e-mails that we get daily from newbie's and even professional marketers who are just not getting the results and the traffic that they need to build a profitable online business.

The money is in the traffic and the list. While search engines and SEO may help you in the long term, look at where are you at right now. Do you want to make money?

Are you looking for your clickbank account to be getting sales while you sleep?

Is your CPA account begging for a cash injection?

If yes and I know the answer is yes then you need to get mass PPV now.

Leave the wannabes Facebook and twittering their affiliate commissions away while you get in on this traffic system that will make you wish you had Mass PPV years ago. That's if you have been online for that long?



Saturday, September 5, 2009

The best of both worlds is to have a product you can give away free and still make money. It can be something simple - a sticker with a happy face, a pen with a logo, or some other interesting item.

This is an excellent marketing approach because you can give the product away, charging the recipients only a nominal fee for postage and handling. If you price your shipping fees correctly, you can make thousands of dollars a month.

So how do you let people know about the gifts you have waiting for them? The best way is by placing classified ads in national magazines, an enormously successful method. Small classified advertisements in such national publications as Popular Mechanics, and The National Enquirer produce excellent returns on such items. National publications such as these sell millions of copies each week or month. Even a tiny return from this kind of large readership means thousands of dollars in your pocket. One advertiser noted his ads have generated returns of seven times the cost of the classified ad. Other advertisers have done even better. What kind of return is waiting for you?

To put together your own ad, begin by studying the classified ads in these national publications. Study every issue you can find.. Note the ads that show up issue after issue. These marketers have created a money-generating format, and they're taking full advantage of it.

Study the long-running ads. Note that they're short, but they contain a nugget of appeal that makes you want to send your money immediately.

Now try drafting your own ads. write several versions that you can try in different national publications. The ad should be simple but hard-hitting. You want the reader to respond immediately. Use the words that create an attractive picture of your product for the reader.

You don't have to charge much for your giveaway product. Aim for high sales volumes at low prices, a proven technique in this market. If you come up with an ad that grabs reader's interest, the money will flow your way.

Thank you for your time,

Jody Southerland Southerland Services LLc


Role Of SEO In Making Your Site a Potential Sales Platform by Arun Kumar

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When the competition is tough, who won't want to look for means that can ensure an edge over others? Especially when it has been experienced that sometimes even good products fail to do well in the market due to lack of exposure, the search of means for adequate exposure gets imperative. In real world, advertising is a means to provide exposure to the products. But, in the world of Internet, it needs more than advertising to make a product, a website in this case, successful. In such a scenario, the role of Search Engine Optimization Expert becomes ever more important for companies, institutions, groups and individuals who own a website.

One might be surprised that at present, there are billions of web pages in the cyberspace, each one offering something to the surfer. There are websites and web pages giving information about certain products or services or simply informing and entertaining the net surfers. Hence, in order to make a website or a web page stand out among billions of others that are available, the web page or website needs to be optimized. And this can only be done with the help of a good to be Search Engine Optimization Expert.

Thankfully, there are SEO experts in India who render opportunity for businesses worldwide to benefit from the prospects of search engine optimization - all with meager financial investment. These experts work on optimizing a site around a set of 'keyword' and participate in several on-page and off-page practices to help a site rank among top search listings. These SEO experts in India help a business to get identified on terms of certain keywords and make it visible across right prospect group.

Search engine optimization experts from India also builds links with other sites. The process in addition to building better brand prominence also leads to better Page Rank by

These page ranks are indicators of the popularity of websites. Those websites which have been created to earn money through on line ads benefit the most as highly ranked websites are given more money by advertisers for space than those with lower page ranks.


6 Common Web Site Traffic Generation Strategies by Debbie Ducker

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When it comes to on line business, there is only one thing that you need above all else; traffic.

Traffic equates to customers and without these prospects, there is no income, no profit, and no success.

You need a quality traffic system in place that works for you around the clock and converts at the highest ratio possible.

Thankfully with a little work and organization there are many ways to generate prime, targeted traffic to your web site absolutely free.

Known in most circles as "Bum Marketing", these 6 common web site traffic generation strategies are often the highest converting, most targeted traffic that you can get, which is why, aside from the no cost factor, is why so many people are interested in learning exactly how it's done.

Free Traffic Strategies - these traffic generation tactics range from SEO to article marketing, all very important methods of luring in organic traffic that has been "pre-screened" and far more likely to purchase whatever it is that you are selling.

Social Marketing Traffic - Learning how to research and leverage the social media space is an important part of setting up your traffic system.

Article Marketing Traffic - The concept of article marketing is a simple one: Write high quality content and distribute it amongst the most popular article databases and directories on line, generating traffic from the back links in the attached resource box. However, make sure you insert critical elements that will make your articles stand out from the crowd. They must be highly targeted and based on your knowledge of the niche you are writing about.

Forum Marketing: Quick Back Link Strategy - Forum marketing is one of the easiest ways to generate back links to your web site, as well as potential subscribers and customers. But again there is a proper way to do this. Research into proper forum etiquette is a must.

Viral Marketing: Spread it like wild fire - Including a viral marketing campaign, into your traffic system, is nowhere near as difficult as most people believe, and can yield an impressive return on investment if done correctly.

Press Releases: Quick Traffic Bursts - Press Releases are one of the easiest methods of introducing your web site and spreading your message in front of thousands of prospects in your niche market, as well as picking up affiliates and potential joint venture partners.

Setting up your traffic system using these 6 common web site traffic generation strategies and essentially swiping traffic from free on line resources (including competing web sites), takes a bit of time and effort, but once it's done, you'll benefit from the longevity of a system that is designed to work quickly, work efficiently, and work steadily.


Effective Communication Marketing by charen smith

Thursday, August 20, 2009

In any marketing campaign, communication is key. Communication is crucial if you want to be successful in your business. What you say and how you say it can mean a big difference in how your target audience will accept your offer. Even if you have the best product or even the miracle drug for cancer, when your communication strategy is weak then the demand for your business is almost nil.

How your target audience reacts to your offer depends largely on how you convey your offer. When communicating your worth as a business as well as the value of your product or service, the way to generate leads is to communicate the benefits. What's in it for them? What's the value of your offer to your target clients? How can they benefit from your collaterals such as your print posters or door hangers? When planning your communication strategy, you have to focus on the benefits.

Let's face it. People in general are not interested in your business or what you've already accomplished, UNLESS you can give them what they want - the benefits. Unless you do so, it will never be easy to get the clients you need to grow your business.

Even in your door hanger printing for example, your target audience should be able to read the benefits. How can your business make life easier for them? How can you help them? Hence, you need to know who your target clients are. Learn what they need and want, and be the one to give them these things. As they say, it's easier to sell something that your target clients already need, rather than convince them to buy a product that they have yet to know.

When planning your marketing communication, you have to ask your target clients what they want. Be open and invite them to interact with you through your collaterals and marketing campaigns. Reach out to them with your message even in your door hangers. Always make it a point to get your foot in the door so you can provide more information on how you can help them to solve a problem.

Communication is key. How you convey your message to your target market can help you convince them of your worth. By making sure that you give them direct, clear, consistent offers in your message, your target audience would have an easy time understanding your brand, which in turn helps them to recognize the benefits that they can get from your business.

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What are the images that I can put on to my custom business cards? by charen smith

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Using images in business cards printing is an increasing trend nowadays. This is because a lot of people want custom business cards that really project what they are and who they represent. Using color images in business cards printing achieves this by communicating that visual message effectively to contacts. However, choosing the right kind of image for your business card can be a hard decision if you do not know the proper choices. For your reference, we will share with you the five common types of images that people put into their custom business cards.

1. Your own professional picture - The first thing that most people put into their business card is usually their own picture. It is only natural to place your face with the name on the business card. If you have a very pleasant and memorable face, then people can be instantly impressed with the business card. They can even identify you if you ever encounter them on the street or in other public places. It is a good business strategy and if you play your cards (and face) well you can use those color business cards effectively in making a good business network.

2. The company logo - Another thing that is almost a standard in business card printing is the company logo. It is always a must to print your company logo in your business card. That symbol gives the authority of the company to your name. It makes you a representative of the company and it imbues your business personality with the reputation and respectability of your firm. So even if it is your own business, or you are just an employee, putting that company logo is crucial for your color business cards.

3. Your special products - Now, if you want to turn your business cards into a marketing tool you can try adding images of your products in the back of your business card. This is perfect for salesmen and saleswomen who want to leave their mark as well as their product's mark on potential customers and business contacts. By putting you product's picture in your business card, you are basically placing a flyer in people's wallets and roller decks. When they do review their collection of calling cards, they will remember you as the seller of those special products. With a little luck this can be your way in getting more sales through these small advertisements.

4. Your best design - If you are an artist on the other hand, be it a hand artist or a digital one, it is also a good idea to print your best design into your business card. It is basically a form of self advertising where you put your best work in the back of the card. With this, people can judge immediately if you have the style that they want for their artistic jobs and positions. You will maximize your chances of getting that job or extra project when you do this.

5. Artistic elements - Finally, you can also just put in any kind of artistic element in your business card just to make it look nice. If you just want to express yourself through your business card designs, then just let your artistic spirit flow and put in any kind of design image that you want in the card. Just keep in mind the theme of your business card when doing this, and of course do not sacrifice the functionality of your business card when doing so.

That should be it for the common types of images for business card printing. You can apply some of these elements together, but more or less you can't put them their all at once. Just try to feel for the spirit of your design and choose the type of image that most suits you.

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